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  • Dorothy has more life experience than nearly anyone else alive…except perhaps Betty White. Dorothy can contribute to the health and wellness of your group by providing expert advice. Contact Dorothy at 800-548-9264.

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By 2030 the over-50 crowd will expand to 72 million people. I’m part of that club. If you are too, we should talk! But first we’ll laugh!

Dorothy was once listed in the Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons as an expert on Sex after 50. There it was on page 159. During that year of interviews, she concluded that simply having an enthusiasm for a subject and an ability to speak about it entertainingly doesn’t necessarily make one an expert. After all, she once pursued an elephant into the jungles of Northern Thailand to stop it from running off with her ten year old son. This did not make her an expert on elephants but it certainly made her sensitive to their changing moods.


Dorothy is acknowledged by her editors, readers, fellow broadcasters and audiences nation wide as an expert on finding humor in the most unlikely circumstances. For more than three decades Dorothy Wilhelm has been an acknowledged spokesperson for people enjoying their second fifty years,. She has now turned her attention to humor and joyful living for the second fifty years.

Dorothy Wilhelm was an army wife raising her six children at posts all over the world (moving 22 times in 20 years) when she was widowed suddenly at the age of 48. She had less than a year toward her college degree, had never worked outside her home and had no discernible job skills. She could not even drive on the freeway. Faced with a need to make a living, Dorothy did a quick job skills analysis and realized that she possessed the same skills for being a radio talk show host as for working at McDonalds, which is to say, absolutely none. What did she do? “Start at the top.” she says, “McDonalds will always be there.” Broadcaster, newspaper columnist, speaker, creative living expert, she keeps audiences laughing and thinking with off the hip wisdom and off the hip wisecracks. And she drives any place she wants.

CONTACT DOROTHY: 1-800-548-9264


PO Box 881, DuPont, WA 98327

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